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In Buddhist symbolism, the lotus represents purity of body, speech, and wind, floating above the muddy waters of attachment and desire!

Medical Tourism or Treatment Abroad in Vietnam

Medical Tourism Vietnam through Nip and Tuck Solutions brings to you hundreds of cosmetic, medical and dental procedures that are available in Hanoi.
Medical Tourism Vietnam has some of the most unique Natural Health, Spa, Mud Baths, Hot Springs, Traditional Acupuncture, Natural Herbal Baths, Traditional Medicine based on Thousands of years of culture in Health and Healing.

Medical Tourism or Treatment abroad, the practice of comfortably traveling abroad to have your medical procedure performed by highly qualified surgeons at some of the most advanced medical centers in the world at a small fraction of the cost of care in the Europe, USA, Australia or Japan. More and more people are traveling abroad as an affordable, enjoyable, and safe alternative to having medical, dental, and cosmetic surgical procedures done in their home countries. Medical Tourism Vietnam, Medical Tourism Facilitator equates MEDICAL TOURISM QUALITY.

Can you imagine how great it would feel to actually experience a combination of smart health care and exotic travel? Welcome to Vietnam – the land of Culture, art and exotic beaches, Now Medical Tourism Vietnam has now added Traditional Acupuncture, Mud bath therapy and Herbal Bath Therapies as away to rejuvenating care vacation filled with fun and excitement.

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam. It is one of the two entry points to the country. The first impression you will have, is that this is a chaotic city. But the longer you stay, the more you will appreciate Hanoi. To visit Hanoi, you will need around seven days. Most tourists do not stay for so long here. They stay a couple of days, visit the Old District, and go to Ha Long Bay or Sapa. If you can, stay longer and explore the city and its lakes.

Sapa is the name of a town in the Northwest of Vietnam, from where you go on many trekking and excursions, and visit the traditional ethnic peoples who inhabit this mountainous region. How long you stay in Sapa’s region depends on the excursions you want to do. Most trekking last from two to five days. Go on a weekend and you will enjoy its markets. You get to Sapa by an overnight train from Hanoi. Winters can be quite cold.

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We make your smile beautiful! We provide the best in dentistry, along with a calm, relaxing environment where you can enjoy long awaited dental experience. Our expert team are there for you at all times to assist with any questions or concerns you may have. We offer a wide variety of dental services and care in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang… Read more

Stem Cells

Our focus is based on therapeutic application of Regenerative medicine primarily used in Stem cells. We are passionate about the unlimited potential of stem cells. We deliver safe and effective treatments to all patients… Read more

Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery procedures like rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, liposuction, facelift, tummy tuck done with best results at Vietnam's top Cosmetic Surgery centers… Read more

Dental Tourism Packages

Find the best Dentistry centers for your healthcare needs in Vietnam. Medical Tourism Vietnam helps you to get in touch with cheap Dentistry Hospitals and Clinics at affordable prices. You also have various options to compare the Dentistry prices, doctors, and options in different countries. So if you are looking for affordable dental implants, dental bridges, or any type of dental work abroad, contact us. The price is small, but you get quality work. Best Dental Tourism Packages | Affordable Dental Implants Abroad | Cheap Dental Implants Worldwide | Cheap Dentistry Medical Centers | Cheap Dentists & High Quality | Hospitals, Clinics | Top Dentistry Doctorsand Surgeons | Affordable Dentistry Cost | Top Dentistry Packages

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