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Maison D’Hanoi Hotels & Restaurants prides itself on having a collection of the most distinctive and luxurious accommodation in hotel hanoi Vietnam . We value artistry, history and architecture. Each member is unique in its décor and setting. Each detail is painstakingly crafted, to remark history & architecture. Step back into history at Hanoi’s most storied hotels and restaurant. A glowing pearl in the Heart of Hanoi City centre in the Old QuarterHanoi Maison Boutique welcomes Guests to experience our colonial grandeur and timeless elegance.

Down the centuries, Hanoi has been called many names, including Dong Kinh ( Eastern Capital) from which the Europeans derived the name they eventually applied to all of Northern Vietnam- Tonkin. The city wa named Hanoi ( The city in a Bend of the River) By Emperor Tu Duc in 1831 from 1902 to 1953, Hanoi served as the Capital of French Indochina.

Hanoi was proclaimed the capital of Vietnam after the August Revolution of 1945, but it was not until the Geneva Accords of 1954 that the Viet Minh, Driven from the city by the French in 1946, were able to return.

Hotel Maison boutique Hanoi  are happy themselves to be a member of peaceful and beautiful Hanoi city. Hotel Maison Boutique operates THREE traditional-styles, high-end Hanoi boutique Hotels and Restaurants in Old Quarter , Collectively known as the” Three soldier” inclusive:

The Maison D’Hanoi Boutique Hotel

+ 2 boutique hotels located in Old Quarter, Hanoi, Vietnam.   + Seasonal packages offering exceptional value and luxurious extras   + Great Hotel, Even better staff   + Fantastic hotel, fantastic value!”   + Great location, best beds!   + Outstanding services at a mid-range price!”  + No request is too large, no detail is too small

Every single member of staff, their dedication, passion and hard work has made the Maisond’Hanoi Hotel  in Vietnam. We are consistently at the top of hotel review sites and listings for Hanoi. We have established a reputation for impeccable quality and 5 star ethoses. We invite you to come and experience our unrivalled service.

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