Ha Noi

Tan My Design

 Three Generations of Hanoi’s Finest Silk & Embroidery Tradition

CaptureCelebrated for three generations for its high-quality work, Tan My is Hanoi’s go-to shop for beautiful hand-embroidered fabrics.

Grow out of the very difficult years of war in Vietnam with handkerchiefs which were embroidered messages from loved ones for soldiers to carry with them throughout the war

In 1969, the business commenced and expanded from pillow cases and handkerchiefs to clothing, bed linens, tablecloths, cushion covers and laundry bags, ect.

The distinctive quality of Tan My products is that all the embroidery is done by hand, by highly skilled teams who work exclusively for Tan My to ensure that the highest quality is maintained.

Tan My Design will be responsible for the promotion and sale of all stock. Our staff will be trained by each of the partners about their products – from fashion clothing, jewelry and accessories, to homeware.


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