Rejuran Healer PDRN Medical Tourism Vietnam

Medical Tourism Vietnam “road tested” Rejuran Healer PN/PDRN Treatment at Dr. Quoc Anh Phans clinic, so if you’re looking for new developments in anti-aging innovation that target the root causes of stressed, aged skin on a cellular level, PDRN might just be your best answer.

WHAT IS Rejuran Healer PN/PDRN?

PDRN molecules are derived from salmon DNA and have been long used for tissue-repair and anti-inflammatory properties. It works by stimulating skin rejuvenation through engaging the right receptors responsible for anti-inflammation and promoting healing, and also activating the pathway to boost your skin’s recovery and resilience.

It truly works within your deeper skin layers to repair damaged DNA at the cellular level – in short, fighting the signs of ageing right at its roots.


PDRN Cellular Facial is targeted and designed for women in their mid-thirties and up – or basically anyone with visible signs of ageing looking to fight those signs.


The multi-step session starts with a deep cleansing to rid your skin of impurities and dead cells. But first, a cold, numbing cream is applied for 2 to 3 minutes. Once the numbing cream has set, the aesthetician exfoliates your skin by using their in-house Scrub to slough away any dead skin, allowing for better penetration of PDRN’s benefits.

After exfoliation, the skin-healing molecules of PDRN is applied to the face with a derma roller (used only once for each client for hygiene reasons). What follows next is sonophoresis (or sound wave therapy), which is key in driving and infusing all the vital nutrients into your deeper dermis layers, as well as promoting a more lifted, youthful-looking skin.

Next, your skin is treated with White Plasma and Vitamin C powder which is said to help brighten the skin. After that, a facial mask, designed to fight the signs of ageing by reducing fine lines and wrinkles, is applied to your skin and leaves it looking firmer, smoother and more luminous. Lastly, a layer of moisturiser is applied to your skin, which the aesthetician selects depending on your skin type.


Dr. Quoc Anh Phan treatment was simply amazing, we at Medical Tourism Vietnam are not new to the world of facials, but seriously we have seen and tried many, liked some and seriously disappointed with others. While some facials leave your skin looking and feeling great immediately after the session, the following day all the benefits have almost disappeared, but not this one, not only does it leave your skin feeling and looking genuinely healthy and glowing post-treatment, we can genuinely assure you it will truly  reboot your skin.

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