Helen Lock from Melbourne, Australia wanted to get a chiseled jawline and perfect smile since she was a teenager, but the exorbitant cost of dental treatments and cosmetic surgery in Bahrain and Europeans countries kept her desire at bay. She was introduced to Medical Tourism Vietnam through her friend and was suggested to approach us for top quality dental treatments at a most affordable cost. We fulfilled her desired Jawline and perfect smile at a cost which she could afford, maintaining the quality of treatments at par with U.S medical standards, examined and treated by dental specialists who are trained in developed countries. She is one of our happy customers to whom we helped to achieve desired physical transformation.

Medical Tourism Vietnam aim is to create a niche place in medical tourism in Vietnam, providing the best surgical procedures and medical treatment solutions to patients across the globe. Currently, many countries in Asia have become a medical tourism destination for the global community, but many of them lack what medical Tourism Vietnam has achieved. We maintain strict Professional Code which has to be adhered by Specialists Doctors and bringing latest dental technology for the ease of patients and doctors.

The main reason why Medical Tourism Vietnam is the first choice for Oral and maxillofacial surgery (OMFS or OMS) of the face, mouth, jaws and other medical specialty treatments in Vietnam by international patients:

Guarantees – Only Medical Tourism Vietnam gives “Guarantee” assurance for their medical treatment services. Medical Tourism Vietnam abide by bringing into operation the best quality materials for the treatments of their patients. For Dental treatments, we use Implants, Veneers, Crowns and bridges, braces, etc of the highest quality specifically imported from the USA and Europe. Our team consisting of general dentists, Specialized Dentists and assistants managing Dental technology are dexterous, highly qualified and trained at regular intervals in learning about new technology and surgical, and treatment procedures which can deliver best results for the patients.

Affordable Treatment Plans: – Our priority along with best quality healthcare services has been keeping the cost of medical treatments within the reach of an international public in terms of affordability. Specialists associated with us suggest the best medical treatment plans which resolve the issue of our patients in the most effective manner with keeping in mind the cost which is most economical. Bringing in perspective, a simple General Dental Examination costs only US $ 10 in Vietnam, whereas the same would cost ten times higher in the US, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. The cost of Root Canal treatment ranges from the US $ 50 to the US $ 200, similar treatment in the US would cost US $ 1300 – 1500.

Latest Dental Technology: – At Medical Tourism Vietnam, we ensure that dental clinical procedures to be less painful and more comfortable. We have adopted the latest technology like Air Abrasion, Laser X-Ray technology for best dental images, thinner veneers and better bonding materials. All our dental products and technology are sourced from the USA, Germany, and Australia, which are best in the industry.

Associated Hospitals: – Medical Tourism Vietnam have partnered with the best healthcare institutions and hospitals avail first class treatments for our patients. Our team has personally visited and based upon our criteria of experienced and trained doctors, skilled allied assistants, highest level of hygiene, assured priority access for our patients, hospitals rooms with maximum number of facilities, proximity to important locations, English Speaking hospital staff, etc., are need to be matched before getting associated with us. The lists of Hospitals and Clinics associated are:

  • City International Hospital.
  • Hoa Lu Dental clinic.
  • Serenity International Dental clinics.
  • Vinmec International Hospital.
  • Japanese Eye Hospital.
  • Hanoi Heart Hospital.
  • Hanoi Hospital.
  • Paris Dental.
  • Win Smile.
  • Artemis Hospital – India

Our association with Hospitals is not just limited to Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, but also other important cities of Vietnam. To increase the geographic accessibility of our services for our patients and international population seeking medical treatment abroad, Medical Tourism Vietnam have partnered with Hospitals in India and Malaysia.

Associated Doctors: – Medical Tourism Vietnam is not only about Dental treatments, but we have also increased our medical specialty to Cosmetic Surgery, Stem Cell Treatments, Weight Loss Treatments and Aesthetic and Rejuvenation treatments. Associated Doctors with us are:

  • Dr. Binh Tele Clinic.
  • Dr. Phan Quoc Anh Beauty Clinic.
  • Dr. Richard Huy.