Asia is the center for medical tourism as many foreigner’s flock for their medical treatments in huge numbers. According to global consultancy firms, the medical tourism industry is more than the US $ 20 billion and growing at a fast pace. Many South Asian countries are favorite destinations for international patients, but now, Vietnam is offering huge opportunity for the medical tourism industry and striving to become a leader in this niche tourism market.

The base of any medical tourism industry is native healthcare industry which offers best medical treatments, matching the healthcare standards of developed countries and strict adherence to maintaining the best practices in terms of surgical procedures, hygiene, and courtesy. Vietnam in recent years have witnessed surged investment in private healthcare, with the building of Hospitals matching global standards, in important cities across Vietnam and tourism destinations like Phu Quoc, Vung Tau, Halong, Nha Trang, Do Son, and Danang along with Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Private clinics and centers offer the best medical services to international travelers arriving from any part of the world. Tourism in Vietnam traditionally been limited to natural and historical sites, but now the government is focusing to capitalize the same travelers for medical treatments.

Medical specialty of Dental, Cosmetic, Oral and maxillofacial surgery is among the prominent which gained maximum international patients in Vietnam, as these services are very cheap even when compared to major medical tourism destination of India and Thailand. The reason for the lower cost of treatment is due to the low cost of living in comparison to other Asian medical tourism destinations. The cost of Endodontics in Vietnam costs around the US $ 50 – US $ 200, whereas the same would cost the US $ 150 – 400 in Thailand. Vietnam has a huge advantage of cost to its neighboring Thailand and far west neighbor India.

Vietnam Hospitals has come a long way, and now maintains the highest level of international medical compliance and standards. Few hospitals have earned JCI accreditation, a global healthcare accreditation, which is often the priority among international patients while selecting the hospitals for their treatments. FV Hospital and Vinmec Central Park Hospital have been recognized by JCI and have high credentials for medical services. Non – JCI accredited hospitals, Vinmec International Hospital, and City International Hospitals are among the few healthcare groups which are best for multi-specialty treatments, state of the art facilities, comprehensive services ranging from medical to non-medical, IPD, OPD and leading healthcare experts.

The other strengths of Vietnam in medical tourism are its native medicine, also known as Oriental Herbal medicine, Acupuncture, Qigong and Aesthetic treatments. These treatments are unique to Vietnam and come at a very reasonable cost. Qigong, the movements of the body in different postures, meditation and controlled breathing can become what Yoga is for India and earn mass following from international community.


Vietnam is a heaven for travelers and offers unique experiences for every traveler. The natural beauty is expansive, presenting landscapes unmatched with any other destination in the World. From North Vietnam until the South, the whole country is filled with activities loved by tourists. Vietnam has been featured in prominent traveler websites and magazine for being among the best destinations in the world. From natural to adventure, colonial past to modern city is present in Vietnam, satisfying every traveler’s needs. One of the most important factors which influence the tourism industry is the security of travelers in the host country. Vietnam is a very safe place in comparison to Asian countries. People of Vietnam are welcoming and have high ethical standards in regard to money and relationship.

Medical tourism in Vietnam is gaining traction with the arrival of investment from corporate groups, promotion by the Vietnamese government, a huge number of experienced doctors, private clinics, JCI accredited hospitals, highly affordable medical treatment plan combining with rich and stunning natural beauty.