Dr. Milê Glamcevski PhD(Psy)

Milê Glamcevski PhD(Psy), M.Med.Sc, M.Ed(Ed.Psy), M.Soc.Work(Qual), M.BA has a career providing services to the education and mental health sector for over 25 years.  In that time has worked across three continents and achieved post graduate qualifications in mental health, medicine and education. He has invested the majority of his working life to be an interdisciplinary mental health and education development worker/clinician.  Milê Glamcevski has spent approximately 15 years in developing nations such as Cambodia, Malaysia, East Timor, Turkey, etc… Generally working on community disaster or community development projects; often from an educational or empowerment base. In Australia he primarily works in complex psychosocial and educational setting. He has a long history supervising a range of domestic and international research projects.  He regular publishes on a range of areas and provides conference presentations domestically and internationally.  Currently he divides his time between Vietnam, Cambodia and Australia.

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