Asethefill & Powerfill finally approved for Vietnamese Cosmetic Market

Hanoi, June 12th 2022.  Vinbeauty Biotech Company and its team of experts from countries such as Vietnam, Taiwan, Korea have developed and launched a new generation of medical beauty products, and technology from Korea and Taiwan for treatment of: weight loss, skin care, along with other products to provide a comprehensive beauty regime.

AestheFill® is the latest generation of fillers, with outstanding safety and better aesthetic results”

Filler – the method recommended by women and doctors because the filler gives immediate results without going through a painful surgical process. Today, however, products like AestheFill are more than just a filler, they are also effective as a rejuvenating injectable that boosts collagen production under the skin.

The product has now been used by many well-known and experienced doctors on the patient’s body and has very positive feedback.

In the series of events “AestheFill injection practice training” with the participation of more than 200 cosmetic surgeons at E Hospital, Master – Doctor Nguyen Dinh Minh – Head of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Department of E Hospital praised the filler product AestheFill in the seminar: “The product is the latest generation filler, which when injected has outstanding safety and brings higher aesthetic effects, helping the body to increase collagen naturally. for a long time. In particular, AestheFill is a liquid filler that, when injected into the body, is very unlikely to cause an embolism, which is very safe for users.

Doctor Ta Minh Duc – who has worked with product experts at the factory and research institute as well as has experience in using the product in practice, also shared after the process. use this filler for patients: “After injection and through decomposition, AestheFill will be eliminated from the body in the form of CO2 and H2O, providing an effect of up to 18-24 months – superior to with current fillers only effective about 1 year.”

According to Dr. June Phuong from Glo365 clinic in Business Woman Magazine, the main ingredient in current fillers is Hyaluronic Acid (HA), which has an immediate filling effect, but the effect is not high. Results will decrease over time and you will have to have maintenance treatment every 6 to 9 months, besides there are certain risks with using HA fillers. For AestheFill, the effect will last up to more than 24 months. This is also considered a new technology to replace autologous fat transplantation to help restore collagen volume and comprehensive anti-aging.

Filler AestheFill® with fast treatment time, completeness and no consequences, has received many international certifications

AestheFill® – A new generation bio-stimulating filler with ingredients from poly-DL-Lactic Acid (PDLLA) with patented granular structure and ability to rejuvenate skin, repair wrinkles naturally through collagen production.

Poly Lactic Acid (PLA) – the main ingredient in this filler will create the amount of collagen produced equivalent to about 70% of the amount of PLA put into the body. From week 4 onwards, collagen has been formed around the PLA particles. And after the breakdown of PLA, collagen will continue to produce and undergo the aging process as normal. Simply put, this product gives users both immediate and long-lasting results.

How does it work? As we age, the fat, muscles, bone, and skin in our face begins to thin. This loss of volume leads to either a sunken or sagging appearance of the face.

Injectable poly-l-lactic acid is used to create structure, framework, and volume to the face. PLLA is known as a bio-stimulatory dermal filler, this means it stimulates your own skin to produce new collagen. Over time your skin breaks down PLLA into water and carbon dioxide.

The effects of PLLA appear gradually over a few months, producing natural results.



PowerFill® the second product in Vinbeauty’s portfolio is manufactured by REGEN Biotech, Inc. a filler for the body made of next-generation material approved by the FDA. Instead of simply focusing on creating volume, PowerFill® provides a natural volume with a semi-permanent volume cycle. It is a filler that acts as a driving force to help patients lead a confident life. Filler stimulates the growth of autologous collagen.

Effectiveness of injectable filler materials for smoothing wrinkle lines and depressed scars

Autologous collagen has been proven to be an effective, longer-term collagen filler for cosmetic imperfections. For those who cannot afford surgery, this is an excellent alternative therapy. Safety is not a major concern and the patient can be reassured that this autologous preparation has less chance of causing untoward effects than other biological materials used for the same procedures. Ongoing investigations of this product and new applications discovered may continue to provide safe, relatively inexpensive methods, for cosmetic improvement.

[Soft tissue enhancement with injectable fillers for correction of age-related folds and wrinkles]

Injectable fillers for facial soft tissue enhancement have been developed and used for decades for the correction of age-related folds and wrinkles. Many of the disadvantages of xenogenic and prior exogenous materials have been overcome with the advent of autologous and synthetic alternative materials. Autologous and synthetic injectable fillers herald a new era in the treatment of the aging face.

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