Red Dao Herbal Bath, Sapa, Lao Cai province

Medical Tourism Vietnam will organize an Herbal bath therapy retreat at a Dao village in the mountainous North West part of Vietnam. Famous for their traditional medicines and due to the mountainous areas where they live and their historical isolation, traditional medicines play a very important role in protecting the health of community. Most of the Dao people cure disease and illness with traditional home remedies that have been passed down through the generations.

The Dao people are also very famous for their herbal bath. Drinking restoratives and having a herbal bath helps pregnant women recuperate after giving birth, stimulate their appetite and protect infants from disease via their mothers’ milk.

The ingredients for medicines are plentiful within their natural environment and there is a great variety, including dozens of herbs in the forest

Herbal bath help you refresh your mind and body as well as reduce stress.

Special and unique herbal baths and spas from Red Dao people in Vietnam, helps significantly stress, tiredness, peace of mind, released muscles, and total relaxation all over the body.