Medical Tourism Vietnam will take you to one of the country’s best kept secrets of sea side’s, breezy beaches and islands. A city renowned for its hot springs and mud baths.

Medicaltourism will organize an exclusive visit to the Hot Springs Center of Vietnam, better known as Thap Ba, claims to be the first in Vietnam to offer hot spring and mud bathing.

The inorganic mud comes from rocks and volcanic ash and is claimed to be both effective physical therapy and a cure for complexion problems.

Proponents of hot spring baths also say they help cure inflammations and fix endocrine disorders.

The mud used at the center is pumped up from underground into small pools.

Guests enter wooden tubs and soak in the mud before taking a long sun bath that bakes the mud into a crusty shell. The mud-bather then drops back into the some mineral water for a much-needed cleansing.

There are also heart-shaped pools for couples, swimming pools for adults and kids, and special pools for the elderly.

Besides mud bathing, visitors can bathe under hot artificial mineral water falls whose temperatures range around 40 degrees Celsius mark.