List of examinations 17- 30 yrs 30- 45 yrs > 45 yrs Explanations
 1-Clinical examinations: Physical examination * * * GP makes clinical questioning, full physical exam and consulting.
 Breasts examination (for female only) * * * Detection of masses and other abnormalities of breasts.
 Eye vision and Color vision check * * * To assess and detect vision disturbances.
 Blood pressure check * * * To detect high blood pressure as early prevention of complications such as: Stroke, heart failure or attack etc
 Body mass index * * * Detecting over weight or under weight.
 Dental exam. * * * Check dental decay and tartar…
 Blood tests :

 FBC (Full blood count)

* * * Total in amount of: White blood cells, Red blood cells, Platelets, Hemoglobin… for detection of anemia, current infections, coagulation status…
 ALT, AST * * * Liver enzymes. Assessment of hepatitis or other liver diseases.
 GGT     * Liver enzyme. Assessment of hepatitis or other liver diseases. Especially Alcohol related hepatitis.
 HbsAg, Anti- HBs * * * Checking hepatitis B infection and Hepatitis B protection.
 HCV * * * Checking hepatitis C infection
 Creatinin * * * Assess renal function disorders.
 ESR * * * Inflammation detection.
 Cholesterol total, Cholesterol LDL, HDL, and Triglycerides   * * Detection of fat metabolism disorders as prevention of Atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, coronary disease…
 Acid Uric   * * Early detection of gout disease.
 Glucose fasting   * * Diabetes detection.
 TSH,T4     * Thyroid function.
 Urine Analysis * * * Detection urinary tract disorders.
 Occult blood stool     * Screening for colon & rectum cancer.
 PSA (for Male only)     * Early detection of prostate tumor
 PAP Smear (for female only-with general practitioner) * * * Histology examination for early detection of cervix diseases.
 3-Images diagnostic check up:        
 Chest X-Ray * * * Assessment of heart and lungs condition.
 Mammography (for female only)     * Detection of breasts tumor.
 Ultrasound of abdomen   * * Checking abdominal organ such as Liver, Spleen, Kidney and pancreas.
 Pelvic ultrasound   * * For female: Examination of Cervix, Uterus, ovaries

For male: Check aspect of prostate gland

 ECG   * * Assessment of heart electric activity.
 PRICE (USD/PERSON) 120 190 290  

Note: – Each package includes 01 consultation with a GP for presenting test results. If additional tests or specialized consultations are required, they will be proposed apart from the Health Check package and will be charged separately. These packages are recommended for certain age range but may be adapted according to patient’s health condition or doctor’s advising.