What is Bio-hair?

What is Bio-Stimulated FUE hair transplant?

Bio-Stimulated FUE Hair transplant is an advanced method of FUE hair transplantation, which works with the motive to improve the hair transplant results as well as improve the condition of the existing hair. During a hair transplant hair is first taken from a healthy place. (This hair is transplanted later). The regenerative cells are infused into the donor site for rapid healing and better growth of transplanted hair.  Bathing of all the follicular units in growth factor rich culture medium is done and then, they are transplanted on the bald region. PRP Therapy is given to the patient to promote the quality and aesthetic density of both existing and transplanted hair.

Our speciality – FUE Bio hair

The Bio hair treatment has been developed by us especially. The solution contains active substances which promote the hair or the cell growth and help to stop the hair loss or to slow it down. Because this solution was developed by us, we would not like to reveal the details, nevertheless, we can betray that in particular Biotin plays an important role. Biotin a natural active substance, also known under the name Vitamin B7, B8 or vitamin H. Biotin is an organic molecule, covalent with the enzymes responsible for the hair and provides everything that is needed for a healthy hair. Biotin is also in the nucleus and important for the epigenetic regulation of the genetic function. In combination with the other active substances, the Biotin works like a fountain of youth on the hair and provides thus for quick growth, quick integration and rapid substitute of dwindling hair at the treated places. Our specialists are very proud of the product of your researches and experiments and we are glad if we can apply our knowledge in the area of the hair transplant to the advantage of our patients.

The best method of transplant is the Bio Hair Transplant. This method of hair transplant is the use of healthy hair that is removed and taken from a donor area on the patients scalp and is transplanted root by root. Each root comes out of the scalp and then correctly implanted into the missing hair area. Transplanted hair follicles will immediately stick to the scalp and quickly grow new cells, produce collagen, fibroblasts … stimulate hair follicles to grow and regrow.

In scientific terms: “Bio Hair Transplant & No: 39; s hair transplant technology uses the hair follicles on the scalp of the person who needs transplants and implants in areas of hair shortage”. A micro-surgical drill is used to remove each hair root from the scalp without losing follicles and body hair. The hair will then be placed from donor to recipient site, avoiding manual splitting. This procedure saves time and provides a greater aesthetic result than the FUE method.


For Bio Hair Transplant, only the following cases are considered candidates for this transplant method, those with male pattern baldness, excessive hair loss in large patches, thinning hair and those desiring thicker hair. The procedure is suitable for both males and females 18 years or older.

Warning: Bio Hair is not suitable for those who have total “hair loss”, keloid scars, thick scars after trauma or hair loss due to medication or chemotherapy. In the case of scar tissue or complete baldness (no hair grows). These patients are better suited for a synthetic hair transplant?


Hair grows thick, strong and natural. Bio Hair Transplant hair transplant technology overcome baldness up to 90% with only 1 time. The bald, thin hair area after transplanting 8-12 weeks will grow back strong and thick beautiful, limiting hair loss. After the hair is implanted, hair roots quickly attach to roots, increase new cell growth, and produce collagen that helps hair follicles to grow and regrow.

B. FRIENDLY WITH BODY, HIGH COMPATIBILITY The degree Highly compatible, does not cause irritation or excretion. Micro-point drilling equipment, which accurately identifies and drills areas where hair is transplanted with each cross section equal to the root of the hairline. Therefore, minimizing damage, invasion to surrounding areas.


PROCESSING INCLUDES: The doctor will use a special implant to bring each biological hair into the correct hair loss area, creating high biological compatibility. During the procedure, the hair is implanted under the epidermis about 5-10mm long, the angle between the hair transplant needle and the scalp at a 45-degree position, using micro needles to create tiny holes in the area. Transplanted hair into epidermis zigzag, about 200 strands on 4-5cm2. Reduces the impact on blood vessels and does not cause scars, such as biological hair transplant. Contrary to the direction of hair growth, it stimulates the surrounding horny layer to protect newly formed hair follicles from external bacterial colon. Transplanted hair follicles are highly compatible when implanted into a naturally grown, scalp that is long-lasting and non-irritating, invasive for the user.

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