Medical Tourism Vietnam collaborates with Dr. Phan for Best Cosmetic Surgery in Vietnam

Medical Tourism Vietnam enters into formal partnership with renowned Dr. Phan for specialised medical treatment services in Vietnam with the aim of creating synergy and benefiting all the stakeholders.

Tay Ho District, Hanoi. (04th August 2019) – Medical Tourism Vietnam has partnered with Dr. Phan to provide best medical treatments. Dr. Phan is an experienced Cosmetic Surgeon and Dermatologist. With Dr. Phan on the team of medical specialists, Medical Tourism Vietnam has climbed one step in delivering best medical treatments at most affordable cost in Vietnam.

“Bundling strengths to achieve best cosmetic surgery for international patients in Vietnam is the main aim for our alliance “CEO – George Adams – Medical Tourism Vietnam. “Being top medical tourism company in Vietnam, it is our responsibility to widen our partnership with the best doctors, surgeons, clinics and hospitals not just in Vietnam, but across the continents.” Medical Tourism in Vietnam is among the fastest growing sector surpassing leisure and recreational tourism.

Dr. Phan is a specialised surgeon of cosmetic and dermatology specialty with an experience of more than a decade. Dr. Phan has trained extensively at French Society of Continuing Education in Cosmetic Surgery (Paris). He has served in best hospitals of Vietnam as Médecin en chirurgie esthétique et réparatrice – hôpital Vinmec -Hà Nội- Việtnam (Physician in Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery at Vinmec Hospital -Hà Nội- Vietnam) , Médecin en chirurgie esthétique et réparatrice – hôpital Huề nhai -Hà Nội Viêtnam (Aesthetic and Restorative Surgery Doctor – Huề nhai Hospital -Hà Nội, Vietnam) and Assistant en chirurgie esthétique et réparatrice – Paris (Assistant in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery – Paris). Dr.Phan is an expert in cosmetic surgery related to face, hair transplant, breast, vaginal surgery and weight loss. With all such credentials, Dr.Phan is planning to expand its services by opening a clinic in the coastal city of Da Nang, one of the major tourist destinations of Vietnam.

The same partnership will extends to promote the clinic of Dr.Phan exclusively by Medical Tourism Vietnam. “With this promotion, we believe that we will reach to global community who seek best cosmetic surgery in Vietnam, hassle free Visa services along with end to end pre arrival and post treatment departure services” said Dr.Phan,  “Medical Tourism Vietnam fulfills the need of an overall comprehensive medical tourism services which are demanded by the international patients” explained George Adams.

Dan Nang is the gateway to Hoi An, which is among Vietnams most famous tourist destinations, located on Eastern Coast of central Vietnam. The geographical location, beaches, rainforests, vibrant nightlife, mountains, colonial history, Buddhists pagodas and Vietnamese religious – culture architecture along with being a UNESCO Heritage Town, Hoi An becomes the most sought-after destination of Vietnam attracting backpackers, honeymoon couples, families and solo travelers alike. The most photographed attraction in Hoi An is the “Japanese Bridge”.

Da Nang is also gifted with beautiful beaches like My Khe beach which is a solid attraction to visit Da Nang. My Khe beach is perfect beach vacation to witness the sunrise, a laid-back afternoon relaxation and experiencing an amazing dinner at beach resorts and hotels. Clean sea, sandy beach, line of hotel serving local Vietnamese cuisines and size of the My Khe beach offers everything a tourist seek. To the south of My Khe beach is Noc Nuoc beach. Mirror clean water, sandy and sloping beach with cleanliness of highest standards. Noc Nuoc beach is rated among the best beaches in the world. Perfect getaway for sunbathing, jet skiing and other water adventure sports. Da Nang proximity to rainforests provides a chance of trek to mountains which leads to spectacular view of Son Tra Peninsula, standing on the edge of the mountain overlooking South China Sea.

Da Nang is a destination which takes days to discover its natural and manmade beauty. Visit to Da Nang is meaningless without exploring the Marble Mountains. These mountains hosts centuries old Buddha and Hindu grottos such as Vishnu on Garuda among the most famous one, caves and tunnels now as a major tourist attraction. A view of the whole surrounding overlooking Da Nang leaves a memory of a lifetime. Phap Lam Pagoda is a two storey pagoda, located within the city of Da Nang. To feel the calmness and peace of mind, visit to the Phap Lam Pagoda is essential. This Pagoda is dedicated to Budhha and two Bodhisattvas. Located in the foothills of Noc Nuoc mountains, Non Nuoc Pagoda is the must visit place of traveler in Vietnam. Surrounded by greenery and river, it still holds it majestic aurora. Other attractions in this pagoda are airy floor, Luong Van tuy statue, Truong Han Sieu temple and Thuy Son park. Whole year it attracts thousands of international and local tourists to visit and worship.

Another tourist attraction of Da Nang is the Dragon bridge which is the longest bridge built over the Han river. The expanse of bridge, picturesque river, a golden dragon alongside bridge are the main reasons for every tourist attention. At night dragon bridge is brightened by colorful LED lights. Da Nang was French port town during colonial times, which enriched this city with colonial architecture. Danang cathedral is a remaining relic of colonial past left in Da Nang town. This pink gothic style church is a beautiful building located close to Dragon bridge; this church is a must visit place to experience colonial past of Vietnam.

Da Nang is a place where each tourist gets soaked in the local Vietnamese culture, cuisine and takes innumerable cherished memories.

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