Supporting Vietnams children’s psychological development

According to an article in VinExpressApril 7, 2019, “Stress is causing mental illnesses among 15 percent of Vietnam’s 95 million people, especially the youth, the health ministry says”.

At a conference organized by the Vietnam National Institute of Mental Health in Hanoi this week, the ministry said that mental disorders related to stress have increased strongly in recent years. The institute received one or two patients needing treatment for psychological disorders and mental stress a day 15-20 years ago, but the number has risen to 300 per week.


Medical Tourism Vietnam and Dr. Mile Glamcevski have partnered to promote and provide World class health intervention by using psychologists, nurses and Mental Health Social Workers to provide school-based psychology services.  The service will work across primary and secondary schools dealing with a range of adjustment issues, developmental issues and psychological disorders including but not limited to disability support services, learning issues, anxiety, depression, acculturation stress, unhealthy eating (body image), self-esteem, grief, behavioural issues and self-harm.

The aim of this partnership is to provide the highest quality standard of service generally above what would be expected in the country of origin.  This is achieved via a mental health professional (Maters or PhD trained) to work with the young person, family and school to support them through a school centred, family inclusive, respectful, socially engaging treatment program.

The service that Medical Tourism Vietnam and Dr. Mile Glamcevski offer is that he and his team of Psychologists (including Clinical Psychologists), Mental Health Social Workers, Mental Health Nurses and Clinical Counsellors will offer and provide face to face as well as telehealth access to counselling (psychological support). Built into the process, is three stages (potentially 3 or more session) of mental health support. This could range from managing clinical issues suchas depression and anxiety, to medical counselling, to life coaching and debriefing; dependant on the young person’s  needs.

School support:

We can provide the following support in a package that is suited to the needs of the young person, their family and school:

What services do we provide?

  • In school supports and telehealth supports (email, text, chat, video conferencing, linking into resources and online programs, etc.)
  • Individual counselling sessions for students, parents and teachers.
  • Group counselling/support groups
  • Psychological (Mental health, academic and resilience) education for the school and wider community
  • A range of psychological testing, including cognitive assessments [Wechsler Intelligence. Scale for Children (WISC-V)] and educational assessments [Wechsler Individual Achievement Test (WIAT-III), etc…
  • Parent and teacher workshops on a variety of subjects, including self-care, positive behavioural strategies, and understanding anxiety.
  • Specialist psychological services to students with learning difficulties or disabilities (diagnosed and undiagnosed)
  • and much, much more

Why can this model work so well?

Working in schools enables us to use a collaborative approach with students, teachers, and families – essential for optimal, long-lasting outcomes. The model reduces barriers families commonly face when seeking out age appropriate psychological services, and enhances opportunities for students to engage in consistent, professional, and ethical mental health care. The telehealth aspect allows for readily, timely and young cultural appropriate access to services in a manner that is comfortable for them and meets their needs.

Let’s make a positive impact in your child’s life For more information regarding our support programmes and consultation services please contact Medical Tourism Vietnam on 0375623709

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