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What medicaltourismvietnam.com does is help facilitate and connect patients to the right clinics to suit their budgets and preferences, we compare and book the right clinics for them, anywhere in Vietnam. Our clinics and partnerships include Hospitals, doctors, dentists, beauty and cosmetic surgery, physiotherapy, fertility, holistic and a lot more. When our clients elect to use our facilities, we ensure they are treated as honored guests and ensure they have all the necessary information to help them make an informed decision or choice.

Pretreatment Assistance

This is the first step where you send your medical inquiry to our medical representative. We have set a response time of less than 12 hours for each medical inquiry.

Destination Arrival Service

After arrival to Vietnam for medical treatment, you will be welcomed by our Patient Assistant, who is specially assigned for you to assist in each and every step from now on.


You will meet the assigned Doctor/s, a preliminary check-up will be conducted in the hospital and after few paper formalities, you will be admitted in your assigned room, as per your treatment plan.

Post Treatment Assistance

After your medical procedure/surgery is completed, you will be transferred to the Hotel, as per the number of days required post-treatment. Patient Assistant will arrange for follow – up with doctors on a priority basis.


Once your post-operative/treatment duration is completed, your arrangement will be done for departure to your country.

Relaxation Tour

Vietnam is among the most favorite destination in South Asia for travelers across the world. If you wish to explore and travel, we will arrange for a tour for you.

Procedure Category

Medicaltourismvietnam.com and its partners offer people effective solutions to their beauty needs. Our Certified medical partners are all dedicated to helping people get the youthful and beautiful look using the latest medical technologies. We have a wide range of cosmetic surgical solutions including breast augmentation, Brazilian butt lift, liposuction, tummy tuck, face-lift, and eye lift surgery, ensuring that the diverse needs of our clients are met.

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Our Clients Love Us: Here are some of our Testimonials from our clients.

Emily Angel

After exploring alternate methods of having a tooth implant in Australia and getting quotes for approx $5000, I thought I would request a quote from Medical Tourism Vietnam. I sent my test results over and received a couple of indicative quotes for the procedure. $1500 was quoted. I was dumb struck.

Decided to proceed after thoroughly exploring this option and discussing this with my dentist. So I planned a holiday around have the teeth work completed, and do both for half the price I was quoted in Australia.

The dentist was professional, caring and had more technology in house than my dentist in Oze. Medical Tourism Vietnam were well informed, supportive and professional. Am very happy with the result and had a memorable holiday as well!

Michele Romer - Australia.

I did a face-lift and was treated like Royalty in the overnight Hospital. Dr.Phan was an absolute gem. Highly recommend Medical Tourism Vietnam and Dr.Phan.

Kevin Field - Australia

I traveled to Vietnam twice to get my implants done and bridges made. Medical Tourism Vietnam walked me through the whole process, I don’t know what I would have done without them.

Tuyet Pascal - France

Very proud of my breast augmentation, merci Dr.Phan and Medical Tourism Vietnam, especially Mr. Adams who was able to guide me through the whole process. The cost was cheaper than France.

My Pham - VietNam

I received 300cc Saline Implants 2 years ago and they look and feel as if I got them yesterday. I experienced no discomfort when I got them and my doctor was extremely skilled that there is no visible scar.

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Vietnam and Asia’s “dream team” of plastic surgeons, physicians and cosmetic specialists, doctors and dentists all overseas trained and international medical graduates who have completed their medical degree overseas. Medicaltourismvietnam.com promises the best results with safe surgery based on a customized surgery plan and special care after the surgery.

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