Japan International Eye Hospital is an advanced medical treatment facility with extreme focus on clinical expertise, sophisticated diagnosis and treatment procedures which ranks it among the best Ophthalmology/eye treatment Hospitals in Hanoi, Vietnam. With a vision of Dr. Hattori Tadashi, a highly acclaimed Eye Specialists and Surgeon from Japan started JIEH operation in 2014, JIEH has focused on developing the best medical practices, entirely building an infrastructure specifically for Eye treatments in the city of Hanoi. True to its name, JIEH is built on Japanese hospitals standards known for its high-end medical facilities, best in class treatments, experienced doctors, allied medical staff and extreme priority on hygiene. Japanese culture of warm and welcoming hospitality inspires inspire Japan International Eye Hospital to continually reach rich benchmarks and achieve excellence in the areas of clinical care, vision treatments and surgical innovations.

Located between on Pho Duc Chinh Street, along Tru Bach lake in the capital city of Hanoi, Vietnam. JIEH offers diverse eye treatment services for its patients ranging from general eye checkup till high surgical ophthalmologic operations. Eye examination, LASIK surgery, Phakic Surgery, Cataract Surgery, Vitrectomy and high tech ReLEX SMILE are among the few eye treatments.

State of the Art Technology:

Japan International Eye Hospital has always strived for state-of-the-art technology to achieve perfection in clinical examinations, accurate patient report outcome and pain free ophthalmology surgeries. Mel 90 system (Carl Zeiss – Germany), Visumax system (Carl Zeiss – Germany) in Lasik and ReLEx SMILE surgery for myopic people. JIEH is one of the earliest adopters of these medical technologies in Vietnam. Apart from new technology, JIEH has taken steps to bring innovation in patient treatment methods.

Japan International Eye Hospital being truly committed towards best medical practices have a comprehensive approach towards patient requirements. The location of JEIH gives refreshing view of the lake, along with soothing interiors, polite medical staff to cater every medical need.

Doctors at Japan International Eye Hospital: 

Prof. Dr. Tadashi Hattori

A highly experienced doctor for the. Eye Treatments in Japan, he is among the few top experts in Phaco and Vitreous Surgery. Dr. Hattori is actively involved in medical charity in Vietnam since 2002, serving more than 15000 people for their severe eye conditions. Dr. Hattori contribution towards Vietnam medical field is exceptional, as he has trained over 20 specialized doctors. Dr. Hattori immense contribution has led to honor him with “Medal of Friendship” from Prime Minister of Vietnam. Academically, Dr. Hattori is professor in prestigious Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine. Also to his credential is serving Director of Asia Prevention of Blindness Association – APBA, in South East Asia.

Dr. Bui Tien Hung.

With more than a decade of experience in Ophthalmology treatments, he is one the best Eye Surgeons of Vietnam. He is credited of performing Refractive Surgery using Laser machines changing lives of more than 3000 people. Dr. Hung specializes in high tech Eye surgery. He earned an International certificate on Lasik Surgery in using OUP – SBK. Dr. Hung wide surgical experience range from Phaco Surgery, Vitreous Surgery and Phakic ICL surgery. He is an active member of NGO Asia Prevention of Blindness Association – APBA.

Dr. Dao Minh Duc

Dr. Duc is learned specialists having international training from Russia, China, Singapore and Japan. He has more than 5 years of experience in Ophthalmology. Currently contributing as a Chief of Examination in Japan International Eye Hospital. Apart from JIEH, Dr. Duc also an active member of NGO Asia Prevention of Blindness Association – APBA.

Medical Tourism Vietnam and Japan International Eye Hospital Partnership

Medical Tourism Vietnam, the best medical tourism company, based in Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam, entered into a partnership with Japan International Eye Hospital in 2018. Medical Tourism Vietnam has earned a prestigious name for providing the best medical treatments at most affordable cost to international patients. To achieve this goal, association with Japan International Eye Hospital was formed to specifically target patients seeking eye treatments. JIEH being one of the best Eye//Ophthalmology treatment hospital in Vietnam, with highly experienced doctors, surgeons, nursing and supporting staff, high degree of clinical expertise, latest eye treatment technology and hygiene became the best hospital to partner with.

Medical Tourism Vietnam is committed towards delivering best eye treatments in Vietnam. With Japan International Eye Hospital, both organizations will make medical value travel to Vietnam an easy and hassle-free journey. Many patients from various countries have benefited from this partnership as it offers high quality eye treatments, with the best doctors and the latest medical technology. Few of the patients have high regards evident from their testimonials. The best part of the whole medical treatment experience of patients is that there has been absolutely no post treatment medical challenges faced by single patient. Medical Tourism Vietnam makes sure of post treatment counselling and care for its patients.

Medical Tourism Vietnam also offers Visa services, Hotel bookings, affordable accommodation for patient attendant and post treatment evaluation stay of patient. Arrangement of private taxis/cabs to facilitate safe and easy travel within the city. Safety is among the top priority of Medical Tourism Vietnam, which is guaranteed with its accommodation and taxi/cab services. Also, international patients are accustomed to high level hygiene in the hospitals, accommodation and hotels. Medical Tourism Vietnam is committed towards delivering extreme cleanliness as per patient’s standards.

With the partnership with Japan International Eye Hospital, Medical Tourism Vietnam has added top hospital in Vietnam for eye treatments and this partnership will bring affordable medical treatments in Vietnam for international patients.

Prof. Dr. Tadashi Hattori